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Update does not work

Dear MiKTeX users,

Under Windows 10 64 bit I have been using MiKTeX 2.9  32 bit (full
since July. I wanted to update my installation via network today but I
have failed.
I got the following error message:

I also downloaded full MikTeX onto my hard disk and selected
the directory of the download  for the source of my update, but
the error message remained the same.
What have I done wrong?
Thank you for any help in advance.

With kind regards

G. Szeidl


dr. habil György SZEIDL
Full Professor
Institute of Applied Mechanics
University of Miskolc
H-3515 Miskolc-Egyetemváros
E-mail: [hidden email]
Office: +36-46-565-111 ext: 18-92
Mobile: +36-30-580-44-70
Home page: http://www.mech.uni-miskolc.hu/index_huf.html
Home: 2500 ESZTERGOM
       Vár köz 8.

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