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Hans F. Nordhaug
* Gavin Sinclair <[hidden email]> [2005-08-31]:
> Hi miktex-users (first post),
> In the first run after many hassles trying to get ConTeXt to work on
> MiKTeX, I noticed an error in the output:
>    kpsewhich: unrecognized option `--engine=pdfetex'
>    Usage: kpsewhich [OPTION...] [FILENAME]
> See output below.  Any suggestion why that may be appearing?

Did you install ConTeXt manually or using the MiKTeX Package Manager?
If you used MPM, this should be considered a bug that you can report at
I know that kpsewhich doesn't support "--engine". maybe "--alias"
could work? To fix it you need to edit ...
> Can I also ask: are the "format files" generated by "texexec --make en
> nl" supposed to have an .efmt extension?  The ConTeXt installation
> manual says .fmt, but I get .efmt...

.efmt is OK. It's because we are no using pdfeTeX instead pdftex as

Sorry for the late reply - you may have solve the issue alreay.


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