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Ruslan Sharipov
>Sunday, Sept 11, 2016, 20:59 +06:00 from "James Ridley" <[hidden email]>:
>Dear Ruslan
>Please can you take a moment to tell me why this doesn’t work.
>I have extracted one example out of dozens I need to insert in some elementary lecture notes.
>Many thanks

Dear James,

Previously you told: "I am running some old files under amstex and amsppt.sty and would like to include some figures. Most of my old figures were in .eps format". So don't convert EPS to PDF. I have changed your example a little bit and it works for me:

\input amstex
\def\newfig#1#2#3#4{{\global\advance\figno by 1}\parindent=0pt\par
\vbox{\hphantom{M}\vskip#2 true cm
\centerline{\hbox to#1 true cm{\special{PSfile=#3 hoffset=#1cm voffset=#2cm}
\hfil}}\par\centerline{\sl Figure \the\chapno.\the\figno. #4}}\parindent=20pt}
 \newfig{13}{8}{iiecal1fig2.eps hscale=80 vscale=80}{Values of
 $\dfrac1{|P(s)|}$ for $s$ in the left half plane}

In this case should use the AmSTeX -> DVI -> PS -> PDF scheme i.e. tex instead of pdftex compiler.

Best rtegards, Ruslan
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