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Problem updating

Trying to update on a winxp machine (no problem until today...) I get an error. The end of the update.log file is:

2016-11-08 16:28:36,655+0100 INFO  Update - starting: Update Wizard (MiKTeX 2.9.6100)
2016-11-08 16:28:50,811+0100 INFO  FileCopyPage -
2016-11-08 16:28:50,811+0100 INFO  FileCopyPage - Error: SSL connect error
2016-11-08 16:28:50,827+0100 INFO  FileCopyPage -
2016-11-08 16:28:50,827+0100 INFO  FileCopyPage - Error: Windows API error 0: Operazione completata.
2016-11-08 16:28:50,827+0100 INFO  FileCopyPage -

("Operazione completata" in Italian means "operation completed")

My installation works (I compile my files etc) except that yap gives an error message and does not work.

Any hope?


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