Missing *.sty files from MikTeX 2.9 upgrade to Forest v2.1.2

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Missing *.sty files from MikTeX 2.9 upgrade to Forest v2.1.2

Ross Gilmour
When I installed forest v2.1.2 today using the MiKTeX package manager it
installed the forest-compat.sty file only, not forest.sty,
forest-lib-edges.sty or forest-lib-linguistics.sty. Compiling a tex file
that requires forest.sty, then generates an error message saying that the
forest package is missing.

I tested the installation of other packages, all of which were complete

My work around was to download forest from CTAN and install it in my local
distribution folder (see here for instruction:
This suggests that there is something wrong with the MiKTeX packaging.

Windows 10, MiKTeX Package Manager version 2.9.6100, Forest v2.1.2
(31/12/2016).  Thank you.
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