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MikTex on WinXP

I read only now that MikTeX 2.9 does not work on XP and I am surprised.
On my PC under WinXp I have a  (not so new) installation in folder
...\MiKTeX 2.9

and it works perfectly (I update the installation regularly) !!!
I see that in 
...\MikTeX 2.9\mikteX\bin
I have many  .dll files with digits 209 in them, like

I also have a MikTeX manual (in ....\MiKTeX 2.9\doc\miktex) which is a .pdf file titled with
MiKTeX 2.9 ManualRevision 2.9.5845Christian Schenk
(last modified 03/01/2016)
What is the explanation? Which MikTeX version do I have? How can I check?

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