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DLL problem when launching updater

Bernt Guldbrandtsen

Yesterday I discovered that launching the MiKTeX updater fails with the error:

"The procedure entry point version.VerQueryValueW could not be located in the dynamic link library api-ms-win-downlevel-version-I1-1-0.dll."

This happens both in Administrator mode and in regular user mode. It also happens when the updater is launched from the package manager with: "MiKTeX encountered an internal error."

The DLL is present in c:\Windows\System32 and works with a number of other programs. Its modification time is in 2013.

Replacing the DLL with a copy from another machine leads to multiple programs (update services etc.) failing during login.

Reinstalling MiKTeX from scratch did not solve the problem.

The system is Windows 7, MiKTeX is version 2.9.

Any pointers as to what may be going wrong?



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