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Command line option "--shared=no"

Oliver Kopp

The documentation states at that --shared=no can
be used to install MiKTeX non-shared.

If I use that option, always the help dialog pops up. The help itself
(see screenshot) only knows about "--shared", but not "--shared=no".

If I run
basic-miktex-2.9.6161-x64.exe --user-install=C:\MiKTeX --auto-install=yes
the installer starts, but asks for installing for everyone. But I'd
like to have it for me only. Further, the suggested installation
directory is in %APPDATA% and not in C:\MiKTeX.

Am I doing something wrong? How can I achieve (an unattended)
single-user install to c:\MiKTeX? Using the graphical installer, I can
achieve that (detailed steps at
However, I'd like to have it unattended to bring that option into
chocolatey -




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